Why do you want to become a Certified Scrum Master?

A certified Scrum Master is a professional who, in addition to knowing the Scrum framework, also has a document that guarantees their knowledge.

Introducing John sharing his talk on why he wants to become a Scrum Master with a degree.

Why do you want to be a Certified Scrum Master?

In my work and training, I have very often encountered elements of SCRUM or worked with people who apply this framework.
Reference: “What is a Scrum and Certified Scrum Master?”, https://management.uxpd.net/what-is-a-scrum-and-certified-scrum-master/ I have often seen its usefulness, and more than once I have received extremely positive feedback regarding how valuable SCRUM can be in project execution. It is because of this that my interest in the topic grew over the years, and now it has grown into a desire to enter the topic, learn more about what SCRUM can give me, and why not apply it in my work now and/or going forward. Reference: “Why you want to be a Certified Scrum Master“, https://managementeducationinc.wordpress.com/why-you-want-to-be-a-certified-scrum-master/

What are your expectations from being a Certified Scrum Master?

Mainly expanding knowledge and skills in project management and working with people. Unfortunately, at this stage the position of SCRUM Master is still quite conceptual and abstract in my mind, preventing me from creating more realistic and concrete expectations. On the other hand, I think it was my opinion of the role that drove me to learn more about it and how it might affect my career and professional path. Read more: “The certified Scrum Master manages projects wisely and professionally“, https://www.islandjournal.net/certified-scrum-master-manages-projects-wisely/

What are the things that bother you the most at this stage?

The lack of clarity and a real understanding of exactly what a Scrum Master does and why he is important to a given project/organization. However, I believe that through the course and the practical assignments to it, I will be able to gain a more accurate picture in my mind, as well as find a way to integrate it into my work processes. Reference: “Why do you want to be a certified Scrum Master?”, https://www.mmrls.org/why-certified-scrummaster/

What problems do you think you will have in your work?

Currently, I am having difficulty working with one of the programmers who are part of my team. The company I work for is small, and therefore we have a fairly horizontal organizational structure, in which we do not have direct managers, and everyone moves his portion of the work alone or in collaboration with other colleagues whose expertise he needs. I believe that some of the Scrum approaches would allow me to discover a more effective way of working between us, which would significantly increase the quality of the products and services we create. More on the topic: “The Best Scrum Master Certifications and Courses“, https://pm.mba/posts/scrummaster-certifications/

Beyond that, I believe that whether in your current company or another, the way teams and people work in general is becoming more and more diverse. The same tricks and techniques don’t work the same for different people, and having experience and knowledge in different areas allows you to have a wider range of options to test and explore, finding the right method to work with whoever you’re dealing with. you have to interact. Keep reading: “How to become a Scrum Master?”, https://brightonbot.com/how-to-become-a-scrum-master/

I am not deeply familiar with SCRUM and the purpose of enrolling in the course is to expand my knowledge and understand what the position entails in greater depth. I don’t currently work in anything that requires me to be a Scrum Master, so it’s hard for me to imagine what problems I might encounter in my job, but I think it’s valuable to learn more about the topic so I can be prepared for as many potential situations as possible.

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Thank you for reading this presentation

Kind regards,
John, Certified Scrum Master

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