The unusual offer to retain the talent of an American company

An unusual tactic for retaining talent is practiced by an American software company.

Along with a contract of appointment, Trinual CEO Chris Ronzio is offering new employees $ 5,000 if they decide to apply to leave two weeks after starting work at the company, Business Insider reports. Ronzio is confident that this measure allows the company to retain the best talent in the industry, as well as maintain a strong corporate culture. “For most, this offer is a challenge that mobilizes them to prove to themselves that they can do the job,” Chris Ronzio told the publication.

The offer to leave is a kind of quick filtering process that allows each new member of the team to “raise a red flag if they don’t feel otherwise, just not excited about the job,” he added. Ronzio also believes that providing the opportunity to leave quickly accompanied by a financial incentive creates an extremely healthy atmosphere in the team. “It’s very important for them [employees] to give up money, make a decision, and get involved. This lays the foundation for a great working relationship, ‚ÄĚsays Trainual’s CEO.

Ronzio also said he introduced the pay-as-you-go policy in May 2020. The company initially offered employees $ 2,500 if they wanted to leave two weeks after they were hired if they had any doubts about whether this was the right job for them. None of the 38 people hired since the introduction of this policy has accepted the proposal so far. And the company recently raised the amount to $ 5,000.

“We looked at our average salary figures when we were considering a change in the amount and finally decided that if someone makes $ 80,000 or $ 100,000 a year, then $ 2,500 may not be financially attractive enough. employees decide to stay longer until they find a better-paid job. That’s why we doubled the amount, “he added. The logic behind the two-week window is that there is less disruption to the business than when leaving after a longer period of time when the company has invested more in the employee.

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