PMP Certification Bulgaria or PMA Management Training Course Sofia Bulgaria

This article is a presentation of the training course of the PMA as an alternative to the PMP Certification program in Bulgaria.

PMP Certification for Bulgaria is very popular today for that part of the world, but the management training courses from the management academy is a great option for anyone who goes this route in Sofia, Bulgaria or any other Bulgarian location. You may not need PMP Certification anymore. PMA provides unique online training with a modern management program that is a complete alternative to PMP (PMI) Certification course and certificate for all Bulgarian professionals. has created its management training course in a format and style that is extremely innovative and suitable for everyone. Fully beginner and advanced managers have the opportunity to devote themselves to a new world of management. Click on the details certificate shown.

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PMP Certification in Sofia, Bulgaria or PMA Management training courses

The brand new and up-to-date course achieves in-depth training and has a strong practical focus on popular management topics.

This management training course is entirely online and remote. Anyone in Sofia, Bulgaria, or any other city or town in the country may benefit from this program. has created a new type of course. It is a completely remote and online training, but its concept is extremely innovative. PMP Certification for Bulgaria may not be so desired anymore.

Each student can only study in their spare time, taking as much time as they can. You have no restrictions and are not squeezed in any way. Your management training course lasts as long as you need to complete it. The academy does not pressure you with any deadlines. If you need to rest and continue your course later, do so.

How is your management training course going?

Remember this is not the hard and heavy PMP Certification program. Once you have successfully enrolled in your training, you will find many modules (topics). These are very popular practices in modern management that you need to know. Each module has a practical assignment that you must complete. Never forget that the purpose of the Academy is not just to give you a certificate, but to teach you real knowledge.

All the practices and skills you will acquire will be used in your true career as a manager not only in Bulgaria but worldwide. Once you have completed your course and obtained a certificate, you will be able to begin a career with self-confidence immediately.

From day one, you will know exactly what to do instead of wandering around fearfully. Many certified managers (PMP or Prince2 or whatever) who have no real experience, but only a certificate, experience serious problems. This leads to the worst – cutting them.

Practical experience of 150 hours in the management field

After the end of your training, you will receive, in addition to your luxury certificate, an additional document certifying that you have real practical experience of 150 hours of management. This is a very strong start and an advantage for anyone who has not had professional experience in the field before.

You can attach your document with your certificate in your CV when applying for a job. This will differentiate you from other candidates for the position.

What are the price of the certification program and the training course?

Take serious consideration now. Your certification program and the training course fee is only BGN 300. Anyone who registers soon will also receive a promo code for an additional discount from the price. So your final fee will be only BGN 250. Hurry up to create an account on the Academy’s website – to take advantage of the promotion.

The price of 300 BGN (or 250 BGN with promo code) will be valid until the end of 2019. There may be some promotions for 2020 again.

What will you learn in your training course?

Agile and Waterfall principles and when to apply them.

If you are working in a Waterfall management environment, be careful because Agile is coming to your organization. PMP guys should also be alarmed.

One expert group acknowledged that many organizations were still struggling with Agile principles. However, leaders help their staff with these initial hurdles and make it possible to combine Agile thinking with the way products are implemented. The first job should no longer include only what they call “disciplined approaches”.

You can use the best of both to optimize your execution and find an approach that works perfectly for you.

PMA will teach you exactly when and how to use and how to mix them.

PMP certification may not be important. Different types of managers and so many roles.

The manager is no longer a role that is just as executive as it used to be. As you complete your work on time, you should always apply your best management skills. This is not the only thing you need to be successful.

Managers should be able to see the bigger picture. They need to relate to what activities they do to how they meet the strategic goals of the organization. We need to play a big role in ensuring that the financial objectives of the plan are met.

Some say the role of the manager is closer to that of “profit manager”. This is a pretty big jump for many managers who previously only knew how to write a business plan and did not have much financial exposure beyond that.

Embedding Change management in every activity

Change management was previously the domain of the management position, but today many organizations do not have the luxury of fulfilling this special role. Each initiative brings change and change management is a key skill for the manager.

Every manager will accept this, but without effective change management processes and the right attitude to implement change, your end-result will not be successful in the long run. In other words, change management makes change sustainable.

Change management training is something you should think about if you do not feel that your own skills allow you to fully fulfill this role. The Expert Panel commented that companies should not accept that employees have learned how to manage change themselves, so you may find that your boss is open to the idea of ​​sending you a short course.

Continuous practice and courses

In today’s market, the expert council acknowledged that training can be a competitive advantage for businesses. Managers need a set of skills, technical skills to learn through management training and good communication skills, analytical thinking, and more.

It is more profitable to train your own team than to recruit and hire senior staff.

You are likely to read this article and have no formal and traditional management experience and training. It’s not just you, it’s many, many managers.

Management work is not limited to one area of ​​business. Today’s management practices are no longer just for managers. PMP Certification may occur limited. If you understand what we mean. In other words, everyone manages something these days, even if they don’t have a project-related profession.

Business benefits include improved customer satisfaction, increased efficiency, and greater strategic alignment overall.

We strongly encourage you to create an account today on the management academy website and to find out many details and benefits that the Academy has to offer.


The good news continues. Students receive many additional promotions and special fees for their courses. The price for students is only 130 BGN. Log into and see for yourself all the unique offers, promotions, and unique programs. PMP certification in Bulgaria may be extremely costly for young professionals, but the great alternative provided by PMA is an amazing opportunity for everyone.

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